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Scott, Fulltime Photographer

Willy, Photographer's Assistant

About Scott Hallenberg and Willy

Hello…thanks for your interest in my photography. I have been a lifelong photographer, shooting with film and digital SLRs for over 35 years. As a full time photographer, I started Surf and Snow Country Images to pursue my love for making the best photographs in the awe inspiring Wasatch mountain range of Northern Utah and the coastal areas of Southern California.  I'm proud to be one of the few Veteran Owned Businesses based in beautiful Park City, Utah.

My desire to create high impact images continues to expand. I strive to make compelling and provocative photographs that involve interesting subjects (that often includes interesting people), intriguing locations, creative use of light, as well as other intangible elements. Creating the highest quality photographs for delighted clients is my priority.  I have a project management background and am a Navy Vet of 11 years, so you clients can count on terrific results every time.

Ansel Adams once said, "You don't take a photograph you make it" and "A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."  These words have stuck during my journey of becoming a full time photographer.  I try to channel these concepts in every shoot I do through thorough preparation, thoughtful execution, and detailed post processing.

Many have characterized my overall all style as being clean, crisp, and with an authentic active lifestyle feel.  I use a principled base approach to achieve my a vision for an image by virtue of my technical grasp of lighting, equipment, and even retouching.   Unless consistency among a group of images is required, I avoid using a formulaic approach which allows me to breakaway from the norms and continue pushing myself creatively.  This pursuit results in a contemporary aesthetic coupled with classic quality.

"Headshot Photography" has quickly become my specialty.  Whether it's great headshots for Sundance Actors, business professionals, models,  olympic athletes or entertainers, I apply a specific approach that makes their headshots effective in advancing their careers and dreams.  Other commercial photography I enjoy includes:  products, architecture | real estate, and landscape photography.   Each requires mastery of specific techniques that provide intrinsic satisfaction.   My 20 years of business experience as a management consultant and detail orientation perpetuated during my service as a Naval Officer,  provide me a unique skillset to take handle and deliver complex projects.

When not shooting commercially, I enjoy sessions of fun portraits for families on vacation, high school seniors, or even Film Festival events.  I work with my clients to determine  the ideal location or even studio setting based on the mood we want for the images. It's a huge plus that I'm able to offer an amazing studio shoot for my clients as an option which is especially effective in certain situations.   Next to my favorite lenses and camera bodies, owning my studio is my greatest commitment to providing my clients the most professional results possible.

Please look through my website.  Enjoy the galleries! Leave comments, be sure to contact me with any questions and to arrange that special shoot.

About Willy

Willy miraculously came into our lives in 2013.  He failed out the Guides Dogs for the Blind program and I was lucky enough to get a late night call.  I was on a plane to Oakland two days later and drove back with him from San Rafael.  Now his role is the leader of the welcoming committee and always helps evoke the most natural expressions from our clients.

We look forward to working with you soon!

All the best,

Scott Hallenberg

Photographer | Owner: Surf and Snow Country Images

Shooting Locations Across the USA

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