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2018 Kane Creek Moab, Adventure Destination

To kickoff my 2018 Epic Glamping Adventure, Moab was the perfect choice. I had a lot of cool new gear that I had be check with during the winter but it was to test them in the wild. Now, glamping gear arguably has different characteristics than what you think about when you think about “adventure” gear. With adventure gear you can image enduring the toughest of conditions testing your mental and physical fortitude in the toughest of conditions. So with this glamping adventure gear it is seriously rugged and of the highest quality. I’m using it as it affords many of the creature comforts even in the most remote locations, allowing comfortable extended stays when desired. As a full time photographer this allows met to continue working comfortable while on the road.

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Moab is a great location for adventure seekers. For me, Moab is a great contrast from Winter in Mountains and chance to warm up and start thinking about summer time. It’s desert landscape with with red rock walls and terrain and narrow canyons are conducive to all types of activities including hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking and other motorized off road activities, too. Of course it’s photographer’s paradise, too. I’ve really begun seeking dark sky areas and try to plan my trips to locations where it’s conducive and hopefully the moon cooperates (It’s best during a new moon or at least when the moon rises a few hours after sunset. Don’t get me wrong, I like the moon very much but when it shows up it simply washes out the night sky, not what you’re looking for when viewing dark skies.

I found this site last Fall via Campendium is off of Kane Creek Road. Kane Creek can be access from either end of town, though the intersection of 191 (the main thoroughfare through Moab and Kane Creek is the most straightforward and on the Southend of town near the McDonalds. As you travel a few miles on pave road which turns into gravel at which points trailers are not recommended but some continue, there are some tight switchbacks and narrow sections with steep drop offs and some sections with 10% grades. I switched to 4wd Hi during this section. Kane Creek is really an artery to expansive BLM land with a lot of mixed use options as mentioned previously. I have found it to a nice balance of achieving a certain level of solitude with training wheels, a perfect place for testing gear where you aren’t too far from civilization. Thus a perfect place for Kicking Off my 2018 Epic Glamping Adventure!

With this trip, I especially wanted to try out my new Springbar Canvas Classic Jack 100 (@springbarcanvas) that provides 100 sqft of awesomeness among a few other amazing pieces of gear. It’s aesthetics harmonize with the desert landscape. It’s light white canvas reflects light during the day, keeping the tent cool

Here you can see the illuminated Classic Jack canvas tent. I found it was warm on a chilly night all zip up and extraordinarily sturdy. With it’s 10x10 foot print I had plenty of space to organize gear in way that was completely luxurious and had one of the best nights of sleep in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong nylon tents have their place for backpacking when weight is an issue but when truck or Van camping it amazing to have the extra space.

My truck is set up for camping under the shell, but when I found this site, the tent just made the whole experience so much more enjoyable…more interesting pictures, too. Being able to standup and move around is very nice. This tent has a variety of large floor to ceiling netted windows and doors and some additional triangular windows for cross flow ventilation when you need it. While I only had time for a short trip, I could have easily spent days or weeks with this set up. Being that is was I short trip setting it up and taking it down was a snap. With it classic light khaki coloring it looks great in dessert scape but as I woke of with the sun, the space was illuminated with soft warm glow…what a great way to start the day!

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The Inergy Kodiak is really a special piece of gear and simply adds capabilities that just weren’t possible a few years ago. With its lithium battery, it weighs in around 20lbs and has a wide temperature operating range that you just don’t get with other battery solutions. This piece of gear allows me to run or charge various AC powered gear, the things you would plug into a wall, like laptops and some of my photography gear. I can even use a small coffee machine. The display meter lets you know how much power you are consuming for easy management. I can also power my USB devices like phones, speakers, etc up to 1500W (In has a pure sine wave inverter that is the kind needed for sophisticated electronics). Unlike a gas powered generator, I can keep this in my tent or truck camper, it’s not subject to camp ground noise restrictions as it’s super quiet. I can keep it charged 3 ways. While camping, the Predator 50 solar panels link together. I have 3 for 150 W of charging power that are easy to handle and travel compactly. If I’m breaking camp and off to another site, I can quickly charge it via the truck’s cigarette lighter. And of course when at home, I can plug it into the wall, which by the way is the slowest way to charge it. Because, I like camping out of my truck, a vintage airstream, canvas tent, and horse trailer with sleeping quarters, I can use the Inergy Kodiak in all of those applications, as the primary power source or to augment existing systems, that way I don’t to invest in having or upgrading all of those systems.

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I’ve fallen in love with the Rockagator line. Both the backpack and duffle have proved to be quite versatile. So why waterproof gear in the desert? I does a great job of keeping out dust and dirt too. When riding on dusty roads to get to the campsite, dust finds it’s way into the truckbed and cap so keeping some of my clothes and more importantly some of electronic gear, the Rockagator provides a nice solution. Of course when rain happens in the desert it can be quite the meteorological event, but just does not happen that much. In the short time I’ve had the Rockagator, I’ve used them in Hawaii, London, snowy Park City and now the Southern Utah desert. All in all a terrific piece of gear.

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Olukai brings that “Aloha Anywhere and Everywhere “ spirit to any situation, even in the high desert of Southern Utah. In the February / March timeframe the night time temps can drop below freezing and up to the 70s or 80s during the day. The MOLOA SLIPPER is simply perfect for night time and early morning in the tent. The HOKULE'A KIA slaps are wonder wonderful for kicking it around the campsite and traveling, and the 'ELEU TRAINER are lightweight, perfect for hiking and exploring the surroundings.

Thanks for stopping by. I have many more adventures and hope you’ll check those out as well. Let me know your thoughts about the locations, I’m visiting, your favorite spots and what you think about the gear I’m using? Aloha and have a great day.

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Thanks for stopping by. I have many more adventures and hope you’ll check those out as well. Let me know your thoughts about the locations I’m visiting, your favorite spots, and what you think about the gear I’m using? Aloha and have a great day.

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