Two galleries are provided with images for your use. The page is unlisted so only those with the URL can access the images. One Gallery consists of files that are optimized for social media use that I happen to like best.  You can right click on any or all of the images to download them.  At the end of the project if you request, I can send you a download link of all the images.

The other gallery contains many more photos with a variety of versions.  The idea is that certain pictures in their shapes and styles may be useful in an array of purposes.  For example some images that work well on instagram may be different than facebook or other social media for that matter.  Somes images have a wide perspective and would work great for adding some copy.

Please tag me on your posts and I''ll tag other products that may be part of the program. My instagram is @scotthallenberg.photographer Let me know if you have any questions. Updates will continue to be made to the gallery and some adjustments may be made to the images.  I'll notify you when new content is added.

You should be able to see the file names so you can refer to those should you need to reference photo. If you have any issues accessing or downloading the images just let me know as there may be other better options available. Thanks!

Rockagator Photos- Selects

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