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Valley of the Gods and Louise's Shakedown

What's a better place to take an airstream for a shake down cruise, to get ready for the camping season than Moab in early May? It's warm but not too hot days and comfortable nights. As I’ve mentioned, Moab had been a distant memory until a brief trip last Fall and now I’ve been back several times in the last 6 months, making up for lost time.

This time I brought Susan, Willy, and Louise, our 1966 Airstream Caravel. We have more trips planned this year but wanted to take the opportunity to dust off the "cobb webs". We also took the opportunity to checkout Bears Ears and Natural Bridges while scouting future camp spots. US 95 is an incredibly scenic drive, though best if on a motorcycle or convertible 911, though not bad, if in a Chevy truck either.

I’ve compiled a few other pics from a separate trip where I camped in the Valley of the Gods with the luxurious Springbar Canvas Tent, extremely capable Inergy Kodiak, my highly protective Rockagator Backpack and the most comfortable Olukai footwear. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Near Moab

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Monument Valley

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Valley of the God

Moki Dugway to Bears Ears

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Please check out the following links (may need to copy and paste) so you can see more details about the gear that enhances all of my trips:

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have as well, base on my honest experience while using them.

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