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(Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions)


1 Look+   - $139 ~45 min (Great for repeat clients/ business professionals)

2 Looks+ - $199 ~45– 75 min (Recommended for first time clients, especially actors)

3 Looks+ - $249 ~60 - 90 min (Recommended for experienced actors and actor / models)

Business Groups - $225 for two and $55 for each additional (Geared for on-location Business Clients)

Note:  a "look" refers to the clothing / setting for a set of images with a common theme. Slight modifications are allowed so you still have variety in your session.  Significant modifications in clothing, hair, makeup and/or setting changes the "look."  Think casual, business casual, business professional and/or formal party attire as having different "looks." Different looks require more time required during the shoot but more is required in processing after the session. More in the FAQs below.

SESSION RESULTS (i.e what you get !!! )

- An online-proof gallery (within ~48hrs) AND

- One retouched image from each look, ready for professional use. These are suitable for printing 8x10s and with smaller versions that are ideal for online usage.

- Optional (see below), high resolution gallery downloads, social media files (usually with n~72 hours   

Headshot Session Options

Yes, I want you to have lots of wonderful choices :)

During the session

Additional Headshot Looks = $50 per look 

Branding / PR looks = $50 per look

Wardrobe should be complete head to toe as these will follow each headshot look and will include more of you.

Post Session Options

Additional Retouched images = $30 ea

In house retouched images also include prepping for online usage with several cropped versions and a black / white version. Sizes are suitable for both printing AND online usage are provided.

Additional Images for just Social Media = $15 ea

Great if retouching is not desired and you still want to use for social media. These are not suitable for printing or for 3rd party retouching as they are a smaller file size optimized for online platforms.

Both a high resolution and social media sized gallery download from each look (i.e. what you see in the online proof gallery) with the same basic exposure and color corrections. This is useful if 3rd party retouching is desired or you want to post several more candid unfinished images in your social media. Note: You will retain access to the proof gallery so you don't have to worry about purchasing the entire gallery unless you really want it.  


Contact for Quote  due to all the variables

A few examples that I’d be happy to consider and can provide examples:

Groups Headshots


Promotional and Products

Branding / Lifestyle

Highschool Seniors 



…and more


What is a "look"?

A look is considered a wardrobe change, a hair and makeup style change and/or a setting change.  The more looks that are needed generally require more time during the session and can add more time to the editing a processing that occurs in post production.  As a result, you have more options available.

Why are headshots such a big deal?

Headshots are key to YOUR  branding and say a lot about YOUR professionalism.  Headshots should convey a genuinely warm self assured expression to make a favorable last first impression.  With the pervasiveness of social media, YOUR  image matters more than ever, and headshots help tell the world who you really are.


"Branding / PR" shots are different from headshots and designed to show more of you interacting with the environment "on brand" and will allow you to connect with a larger audience showing off your personality. Maybe you’re playing guitar, belting a tune, riding a skateboard, where as headshots are much tighter with you looking directly into the camera. The Branding / PR shots are provided in a downloadable gallery sized for social media.  Often times, social media is used as part of the casting process as well as it can be helpful to see the full version of you.

So, why should I select you?

That’s a loaded question for sure, but I’m happy to give you my take it on it. First and foremost, it's all about the images  (I trust you're reading this because you like the "look & feel" represented in my portfolio, right?)  I'm very proud that my images look like my client on a great day and then help get my clients work.  My sessions can be paid for with just on gig, my clients earn from their new headshots.  I keep it real because real is beautiful. I can deliver consistently excellent photos for you. Most importantly, my customer service is the best in the business. 

When your image matters, my images can make all the difference.

I provide a transparent process where you receive an agreement to ensure I'm aligned with your expectations.  My pricing allows you to manage a budget adding to only what you want.   I provide "read ahead" tip so you're best prepared for the shoot, I provide a fast turnaround of proofs and retouched images. I don't ask for payment until you've seen the finished version. I produce versions consistent with what's in my portfolio. I believe these factors help you feel more confident in your investment and as a direct result, we get even better pictures you love! And, this is what I care about most! Because of my process, I have achieved a Better Business Bureau accreditation with dozens of direct links to my reviews (see my about page).          

I work in a collaborative environment and want your headshots that tell a story that helps get you the best acting roles you can. Casting directors like my work because the headshots look like the person they are calling in for the audition. This is why I don’t encourage too much make up and too much retouching. Casting Directors have the awesome responsibility to fill roles for a production. When they review headshots (sometimes 1000s) searching for that that character, they see the headshot of that perfect actor, so that actor is  who they need to show up for the audition, not some other version with shorter dyed hair or 10 years older. Your headshot does need to have great lighting and distractions removed, so it stands out from the rest.

For Business Professionals, many of these principles apply for potential clients and colleagues.  You're creating a first impression with your headshot and there is assumed trust.  It can raise questions when your headshots are overdone.  Make them authentic and great!

How do we get started?

Either use the email or phone number at the top of the page or select the contact menu item on the left side of the page. Give me a few day / time options that work for you with the type of shoot you want.  I'll balance that with my schedule and let you know what works best. 

What's an Online PROOF Gallery?

Shortly after our session, I provide you an online “Proof Gallery”  which is a quick way to view the images from the session. They consists of small files, so they are quick for to upload and review. Basic adjustments are made so you can see the possibilities and even share these links with others ( i.e. agents, managers, etc) to have input. Then you can select the one(s) you would like retouched and finalized. These galleries remain viewable long after your shoot in case new selections are desired.

What is a High Resolution Gallery all about?

It’s a digital gallery of large jpeg images with basic color and exposure correction applied.  Please note, these are not finished images!  These are large files sized images for a 3rd Party professional retoucher and can then be used for prints up to 8x10s. If you request even larger file sizes for printing or additional 3rd party retouching, those will be provided at no additional cost. (Note, these files are too large and don’t work well on websites or social media platforms.)

It's rare that my clients want this option, as having the finished  images ready for use is preferred.  I offer this option just in case it fits your unique circumstances best.

You can see the retouching I do as all of the examples in my headshot portfolios are examples of my work plus you see the finished work before paying.

How does your Satisfaction Guarantee actually work?

Providing exceptional Customer Service is in my DNA and a key component in doing that is standing behind my Satisfaction Guarantee.  My Guarantee assures you that if for some reason you don’t like your photos I will give you the option for a reshoot or you simply don't pay.  I have found that having this peace of mind allows you to relax and feel more confident making for even better photos. You will have a chance to review the photos as we shoot and and can let me know whether we are going in the direction you had in mind. Then you'll get at chance to see the online proofs.  Even though they won't be finished, you have a good indication for making selections. 

Please note, the guarantee does not apply for no shows and it does not apply after  photos which have been delivered.

Should I arrange for a Hair and/or Make Up Artist (H/MUA)?

This is a little tricky and it really depends. In most cases you want your headshot to look just as you would if meeting the casting director for your audition.  However, having an H/MUA for shoots when you want distinctly different "looks" is a great strategy.

If you elect to use an H/MUA, I can help arrange one for you where payments will be made directly for their services (please tip them well if you are happy as they put their heart and talents into every job!). You may also bring one you're comfortable with to your shoot, though I would like to coordinate with them so I know their style and that there products are compatible with the look you need from your headshot.

One aspect that is also a little tricky is if you have never used their products it’s difficult to know whether you may have some sensitivity or on a very rare occasion, an allergic reaction. While rare it has been known to happen, so it’s good to try the products or at least discuss these concerns in advance.

As an actor or model just getting started, you might try going to a high end store like a Nordstroms who can help you find the right products for your skin and show you how to apply a simple everyday application that would work great for your auditions, too.  This way you're ready to go even on short notice like so many casting calls are.  Oftens the MUAs that help with your headshot session can help you with selecting products and application for auditions and other occasions.

How much retouching do you do?

I recommend retouching for all images that will be used professionally whether you ask me or a third party to do it.  I do a little for every finished image and sometimes a lot of it really depends, it's part of the artistry.  

Retouching is like the proverbial “icing on the cake.” It completes the photo resulting in a polished result similar to what you see in my portfolio. When done well it works in harmony your original image without drawing attention to the retouching itself. It’s clean and crisp and all about you. Details like blemish removal, fly away hairs, skin tones, and background distractions, etc., are corrected. Several crop versions are also delivered which can be used for different purposes and if requested, your name can also be added with a border so the images are ready for casting and other professional uses.

What type of location is used for the shoot?

I have several Go-To reliable locations that I will recommend based on the results we need from the shoot.

Outdoor location shoots result in more unique photographs. Every effort is made to achieve high end professional results regardless. Of course, there are more variables for which some simply cannot be controlled. Wind, rain, and time of day are the biggest considerations.

Indoor locations (both studio and non studio) are another good solution when a unique and sometimes more convenient location is desired. Since my studio lighting is highly portable, you will still get quality photography regardless of the location. The primary considerations include whether there is enough space and if special permission or property releases are necessary for your (legal) use of the images.

How do I get the finished photographs?

I will send you a link to download your finished digital images.

If you'd like prints, you may take the files to a lab of your choice or order them directly from your finished gallery in a variety of sizes. 

This approach allows you to get the pictures faster. So it tends to work better for busy people. It also works well should additional edits be requested. 

I do my best to keep your images safe and secure to better protect your interests. 

What Usage am I allowed with these photos? 

You have unlimited personal usage of the images which may be used on your website, social media, company website, agent  website, casting sites and for other casting purposes including the printing of headshots. As the photographer retains the copyrights, if you plan to use the photographs in a publication, photo credit is very much appreciated and should be provided to the following:

Photo Credit: Scott Hallenberg

instagram: @ScottHallenberg.Photography

FacebookScott Hallenberg Photography

I am happy to work with the publication for the image selections, retouching and providing them usage permission.  We want them to look their best as it supports your branding after all!   

However, if a third party brand (anyone but you or me) wants to use the image for their promotion and advertising, we should both receive fair compensation. I’m happy to discuss should that situation arise.   

What forms of payments do you accept?

I will provide you an invoice through PayPal which allows payment using major credit cards, debit cards or a PayPal account if you have one.  I never see you payment information. I don’t accept personal checks and prefer not to handle cash or for to bring it to shoots.



The photographer wants more than anything that you will love your photos and feel great about your investment. For this reason the photography takes a lot of financial risks by performing the shoot, showing previews during the shoot, providing shareable online proof galleries, and allowing clients to preview the finished images prior to making payment. The client has the opportunity to make suggestions or even express concerns should they have them. However, once payment is made and images are released, the sale is final. If additional requests are made after payment, they may be subject to added charges.


Payments are made via 3rd Party Payment systems in which most credit and debit cards are accepted. At this time, bit coins, cash, check, first borns, kidneys and other payment forms are not accepted unless arrangements are made in advance.

RETAINER FEES (Non-Rundable)

For most sessions, upfront payment, deposits or fees are not required. However, retainer fees may be included when circumstances require up front expenditure or require the photographer to incur financial risks associated with the session.


Parents or Legal Guardians must accompany minors during the session and must be in view or listening range at all times. Parents or Legal guardians must sign the agreements and make payments on behalf of their minor children.


In most cases, sessions will occur rain, snow or shine. However, if weather conditions make travel unsafe (winter snow storm) or conditions will not be conducive at an outdoor location (high winds or t-storms, the photographer will make the determination to cancel or reschedule the session.


If the client is late for the session, the session will still end at the prescribed time so as not to negatively impact other scheduling. As a result, this may reduce the clients selection options. If time permits and the complete session may be completed a 20% added charge may be applied.  If the session is on location, lateness may translate to cancellation at the photographer’s discretion. If it is short notice cancellation (less than 72 hours), no show or cancellation due to tardiness, the photographer reserves the right to refuse future service.

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