Free Heeling to Free Skiing


The Free Heeling to Free Skiing    project came together rather quickly.   I had received a call for submissions from the Park City Film Series for projects to be entered in the 9th Annual Filmmaker Showcase 2014.  The needed the entries in two days!

I had just worked an event for Ramp Sports where I met the band, Holy Water Buffalo, and thought I would see if I could use Buffalo Hunter as the soundtrack.   I liked this song for many reasons, but though it's change in tempo would work well for the project. They said yes so I went to work!

I decided to use many of my ski photographs during the first part of January.   So much much was happening during that time period!   There was ski jumping, XC skiing, Moguls, aerials, slope style, and half pipe which I was covering for Ski Racing Magazine.  I learned a ton about how to shoot these different disciplines, experienced many cold days.  But was completely INSPIRED by all the athletes living their dreams and competing for the Olympics.

The project was selected for the Showcase and viewed on 11/8/2014 in the Inspiration category.    It was really an honor and a privilege to have my project included with  so many accomplished up and coming  artists.   I have so much to learn but am grateful to be living in such and inspiring area surrounded by so many inspiring people.  As a photographer, I don't know what more I can  ask for?

2014 Ramp Bamboozle

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