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Business Photography Styles and Svcs

With my B2B photography solutions, my focus is to provide my corporate and small business clients the highest quality images that make the greatest impact while also "on target and on brand." I research and collaborate with my clients to ensure I understand their branding and vision and apply that “lens” for the rest of the planning phase, during the production or photoshoot phase, and during the post production, retouching phase.   It’s a fine balance of executing the basics efficiently in order to free up creativity to achieve the exceptional. 

I bring a unique perspective and skill set. I have over 20 years in business as a management consultant, project manager and a Naval Officer. (There aren't too photographers that are Navy Veterans, having graduated from the Naval Academy.) I mention this because these experiences inform my perspective, help me navigate issues or roadblocks, develop solutions, and deliver results with accountability and integrity.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation to get the ball rolling.

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