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(Yes, the boring stuff....but necessary so I can continue providing superior services)

In an ideal world, I would love to provide free photography for you and the rest of the world to enjoy....nothing would make me happier!  

However, since I'm often reminded that we do live in the "real" world I do the next best thing which is to provide you the very best value possible. This means I provide you the highest quality photographs, priced according to what will work best for you. I do this every time. My hope is that we will work together again and again. Through consistent quality image delivery and world class customer service, I strive to gain your trust so you would proudly refer your friends, family, and colleagues to me because you know they will be treated well while receiving great results.    
I like to provide pricing that is customized for my clients' needs as most shoots are quite unique, especially commercial photography. I try not to make you fit into a generic construct, rather I prefer for you to pay for only exactly what you want from the shoot. To make that happen, be sure to contact me for a FREE consultation specific to your shoot. I can usually find creative ways to work within most budgets. There are a lot of factors that contribute to pricing that we can manage with good communication.  

Please note, most of my shoots have custom pricing to best meet my clients needs.

Timing: My commitment is to have proofs to you within 72 hours of our shoot.   I hope that you will have selections back to me within  one week. Then I will have up to ten finalized in two weeks from your confirmed selections. More than ten may take as long as a month. If delays occur in the selection process, I will communicate the new time frames as my workload may be completely different at that point.  

Rush Service:  If needed, expedited processing may be provided at a cost of $20 per image, without a sacrifice to quality. While I strive to work as efficiently as possible to meet rushed timelines, I may need to reschedule appointments, tasks or forgo accepting new tasks. I never want to sacrifice quality and am willing to find creative ways to meet your needs.

With all my shoots you can expect a very professional yet fun atmosphere. I prepare well for shoots and always encourage participation and collaboration throughout the process. All shoots require a project services agreement, provided by the photographer to ensure all expectations are aligned so you get exactly what you need. A retainer of 50% of your shoot price is required to confirm the booking. The retainer is non-refundable and is applied to the price of the package you have selected. The balance payment is required prior to receiving the finished images, though you will be able to view them. Rescheduling is allowed greater than 48 hours from the scheduled shoot time. Rescheduling within 48 hours or no showing may result in forfeiture of all or a portion of the retainer.

Headshot Overviews--My Specialty--Here's my approach

For some headshot or portrait shoots, I'm able to offer group sessions  where I can pass along discounts, so be sure to ask.  Using a photography services agreement and style guide, I like to work out in advance all of the logistics and details.  That way  we are prepared and we are aligned to get the best results.  As we work together to achieve the perfect headshot for you, the goal for this image is  to bring more business for you so your investment quickly pays for itself.  This is how headshots differ from the traditional portrait.  Actors have used this tool for decades but with the proliferation of digital media, business professionals, entertainers and those active on social medial benefit greatly from a well made headshot. 

Due to the unique nature of headshots, I will work with you on pricing that fits your needs and your budget.

a. With all of my sessions, you will get access to a proof gallery that you can share with others to help with your selections and also just to see what looks work best for you (get feedback tool.)

b. With all sessions you get a "read ahead" information package to help you prepare and get the most from the shoot. Collaboration is always welcome, so if you have some examples of looks that you want, send them my way. I like to shoot with both studio lighting and natural lighting for each session, to give you variety.

c. With all sessions, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will not be asked to pay in full until you have seen the proofs and have made selections. This way you can feel confident you're getting exactly what you need for a great value.

d. With all sessions, you can get a refresh shoot (20% off the packages below within 12 months.)  That way if you change your hairstyle , grow a beard or want to experiment with additional looks it's no problem. When you refer a friend, both you and your friend get 20% off of your next shoot. Pricing includes the editing and retouching to create finished images. However, additional services are available, that include more extensive retouching (i.e. removing glass glare, background exchange, head swap, wrinkle removal, etc.).

Photo Session Package Descriptions:

1)  Actors/Models/students / Refreshers (repeat clients within 12 month): starts at $139  includes: • 30 to 45 min session (1 or 2 looks) • One set (studio) • Pre shoot “read ahead” tips • Coaching during the shoot • Full proof gallery to review • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Don’t pay if you don’t like) • One finished image (with multiple versions) for your personal/promotional use • Additional images at $35 each, five for $150, ten for $199.  Longer sessions for more wardrobe changes are available.  (school or agency proof may qualify you for a 20% discount or an extended session). 

2) Business Professional Headshots: starts at $139 with one finished image included.   The introductory shoot is a  20 to 30  min session • Pre shoot “read ahead” tips • Coaching during the shoot • Full proof gallery to review • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Don’t pay if you don’t like) • One finished image (with multiple versions) for personal use (social media/email/linked in).  Custom pricing  is available depending on several factors (extra time, attire changes, images needed):  Additional images are $35 each, five for $150, ten for $199.  

A very popular package is a 45 min to 75 min session for $235 and includes three finished images/or rush delivery for one image, multiple attire changes, and setting changes.  Additional people (up to 3) may be included for $75 each where 15 to 25 minutes would allocated per person. This rate is available at the photographers studio only. 

Limited Commercial use license is $50/image for use in promotional materials and company websites. Ask about custom packages to get exactly what you need.

3) Group Headshot Rates: start at $375, Up to 60 min photo session. Pre-shoot consultation, post shoot viewing/selection. Proof package within 2 business days. Up to five individual (1 image per) and one complimentary group photo. Additional individuals may be added at $35 ea. Assume up to 10 min/ person.  Multiple versions of images are provided and suitable for prints up to 8x10s.  Commercial use licenses are $20 each.

6) Commercial Static shoots: Starts at $275 with one image produced and each additional image is $35. Includes commissioned interiors, exteriors, and product photography. Includes an unlimited commercial use license.  These sessions are typically at a location you specify.

7)  Events: Starts at $325 Up to 60 min of coverage.   A proof package is available within 5 business days. Up to seven images finished images that are optimized for online/social media use are included.   Additional finished images and higher resolution images are available for $35 each.  Batch edited images are $15each (they look good but may not be as polished as the finished images.) Prints are available at $0.30 a square inch and can scale very large.  Commercial use licensing for ongoing use on websites, advertising, press releases, and editorial purposes may be discussed and priced separately as needed.      

For Personal (non-business) Photography:

1) Model Portfolio / Individual/ Sr Portraits / Couples Photo Sessions: Starts at $239 includes: • up to a 60  min sessions (1 to 3 looks) -  your location or three sets (studio) • Pre shoot “read ahead” tips • Coaching during the shoot • Full / Private proof gallery to review • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Don’t pay if you don’t like) • Up to five images (with multiple versions) for personal use • Additional images at $35 each, five for $150, ten for $199.  If needed, a  limited commercial use license is $50/image. Ask about custom packages to get exactly what you need. Great for high school seniors, aspiring models, and business professionals who need more than a headshot.

2) Family Sessions: starts at $325 Up to a 60 min photo session.  Multiple settings (same location). Pre-shoot consultation, post shoot viewing/selection. Proof package within 5 business days. Up to seven images finished and optimized for social media.  Geared for three to seven people, additional people are $25 ea. Additional images or higher rez images are available for $35 each.  Prints are available at $0.30 a square inch and can scale very large.  Other finishes and framing options are available and customized to your needs. 

Note: If requested, additional time can be added to the above packages for $175/hour prorated to account for delays or gaps that may occur during the shoot (i.e. those not caused by the photographer :) 


For all prints other than actor headshots, prices start at 30 cents a square inch. Prices may increase based on based on media (archival paper, canvas, metal), protective sprays, backings and other factors you need included so the photos look great for a life time. For Actor headshot prints I can provide reduced print pricing due to standardizations, you can print them on your own or I can coordinate them with a trusted lab (either national or local). I send a test print, verify the quality, and can arrange delivery to you. Prices for up to 3 prints are $9.50 each and are ready for submission. Prices can be reduced to $2.50/image each when 20 or more are purchased.

Commercial Use

Additional usage, project management, timelines, pre production, production and post production and pricing considerations may apply for commercial shoots. With full commercial use, the photos may be licensed for promotional purposes that include company websites, online and print advertisements, company social medial sites, advertising, and other publications.

Unless specifically requested, my pricing does not include the transfer of copyrights that are automatically granted to all photographers at the moment they press the shutter.  However,  I do provide appropriate and at many times liberal usage of the images for you and others to enjoy the way they were intended.   I am able to provide substantially lower prices while still providing the highest quality photography this way.  Contact me for details.

Extras Services offered along with pricing considerations:

Most of my pricing is project based where pre-production, production and post production is included in a scoped project.  However when the project is not well defined or if well defined but on a larger scale where I'm needed for a specific service, I  may be booked:

--Half Day ($650), Full Day ($1100), and weekly rate ($4200), these are recommended when you have a time sensitive project with strict deadlines.

--Hourly Rates: When another package is booked, additional time same day $175/hr, prorated.  Additional time is subject to availability.

--Hair & Makeup Artist $TBD, I can provide a few recommendations, but budget between $75 and $150 --Most retouching runs $25-$50/image. Special Editing considerations (digitally, replacing backgrounds, removing braces, lens glare) may run more. The hourly rate is $85/hour and I’ll provide the time estimate in advance.

Discount Opportunities: 20% off the next session fee for each referral 20% for both parties by booking back to back shoots with a friend or family member 15% Multi Image Print Package when 7 or more prints are selected.

Next Steps

1. Contact me with your questions, discuss your requirements, and a few day/time options

2. Determine which package will work best for you...we can tailor it, too

3. Review and complete the photography services agreement, that I will send you to confirm the specifics

4. Schedule a pre-shoot FREE consultation (if desired)

     a. Meet and Greet

     b. Review themes and concepts

     c. Review wardrobe considerations

5. Determine a shoot date, location, and any special themes (It's best when you send me a few options that work well for you, and I'll try to accommodate your top request)

6. Have the shoot / Have a blast!

7. Review the unedited proofs and make selections

8. I will provide final editing for those selected so you can make print selections if desired. (Note: you will receive complimentary online ready photos for any print selection)

9. Receive and Enjoy you photos !!!!

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