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One Actor's Perspective

High Quality Actor Headshots are one of the most important tools Actors have in getting you the work you love. Yes, Actors and Models are in the business of marketing your image and your brand.  So it's easy to see that your headshot says a lot about you and your commitment to your craft. You don't have to break the bank to get quality headshots that can pay for themselves in just one day on a good set.  On the other hand getting cheap headshots can tell the world you don't know what you're doing, creating an unprofessional first impression.

When researching headshot photographers look closely at their work, processes and pricing.  Look at reviews and Better Business Bureau accreditation and make sure they are aligned with your best interests.  I would caution you to avoid hearsay from social media recommendations unless you personally know the person to avoid scams and backroom alliances.

There are lots of theories and styles of headshots, and I am always willing to discuss those options with you.  I encourage you to do homework starting with knowing your type and roles you want to play so your headshot can help your get cast for those roles. 

I help you achieve the headshot that is going to get you work, but you have got to own your brand.  Headshots are not portraits where you are relying on the photographer to create magic.  Instead, headshot photography is about teamwork that promotes the ACTOR, not the photographer. ....And that's why I specialize in this genre!!! I get tremendous satisfaction when my clients land the lead role in play, a feature or even just to test the waters with a background role (I do this with my own headshot :) 

Just a  little about me....I've been a full time photographer focusing on headshots since 2013.  I've interviewed Casting Directors, Agents, experienced actors and studied some of the best in the business.  I have also taken the steps to achieve a Better Business Bureau Accreditation which requires price and process transparency so my prospective clients can have assurance and peace of mind.  I have extensive management consulting and business experience which I leverage in creating headshots that build your brand. I always ask for feedback which the world can see on the link to my google reviews.  I ask for payment AFTER you have seen the finished versions of your images, so there is no mystery, no risk, and no regret.  I do everything in my power to create a safe, fun and risk free environment.  Of course this leads to better pictures so it's a Win-Win!

I thoroughly enjoy Headshot photography and being part of an actor's team, through each step of the process! I view the process as a team effort which starts with communication and planning.  

Your actor headshot has to be engaging in a way that gets you noticed, captivating so Casting Directors want you to audition, and compelling so it leave a lasting impression.  Your headshot ensures you are remembered when selections are being made days, weeks or evens months after the audition. Producing excellent headshots are a messy mix of creativity and technicality which I love and feel you will find enjoyable and rewarding.

I've produced for many of the top talent agencies, and industry publications but am independent and not affiliated so I can remain objective and unbiased.

Case Study

I wanted to provide a few first hand accounts from Actors who have worked with me for their headshots. Before we met for the session, I asked them to tell me what they were looking for in their headshots, why headshots were important in helping with their goals.  

Mckenzie's Intro

Dominique's Intro

Paul's Intro

Lorenzo's Intro

Mikayla's Intro

After each Actor's headshot session, they provided a description of what they thought of the process.

McKenzie's Recap

Dominique's Recap

Paul's Recap

Lorenzo's Recap

Mikayla's Recap

Belinda's Recap

More about the importance of your headshot: 

An Actors' headshot is the single most important tool you have to get you an audition unless of course your work is well known.  The headshot must be more about your brand as an actor.   Actor headshots are much more than just showing up for pretty picture time.  Good Headshot photographers and experience actors know this to be fact.  So, It's essential that you do your homework and look at "you" as an actor in a very objective way.  "Check your ego at the door" and take a close look in the mirror as if you were a casting director.  Own what you see and make a list of adjectives that begin to describe the first impression.  If you have an agent, manager or coach, ask them to describe your type or categories of roles that best suit you.  Your representation has a vested interest and need to market you in for certain type of roles.  Also, think of the ideal breakdown that would fit you perfectly.  It can be helpful to consider the way you play your roles or characters, which may be a little different than the real you, that's okay.   Do your research.  Look for other actors that also portray those similar qualities.  These folks may either be paving the way for you or may be your "competition" so collecting examples can help your team get on the same page creatively.  This information informs your look, styling, hair&makeup, setting and lighting, among other artistic as well as technical factors. Communicate your findings several days in advance of your shoot.  Our goal is to create the most authentic headshot for you that gets you work.          

Why put so much effort into your headshot session, especially when you already have a reel and resume?   While your past work is important get you noticed and shortlisted, the headshot is still front and center for new roles and when decisions are made.  It's very important that your headshot look just like you will when you meet the casting director for the first time.  It needs to be current representation of you.  If it's over processed and heavily edited, it raises a question as to what you're hiding.  In the larger markets Casting Directors may be going through thousands of headshots and they need to find the match for the role.  It does not help matters if your headshot is selected and you show up looking completely different. It also needs to grab attention for the right reasons at the small thumbnail view.    While you may have a primary headshot, having a quiver of solid work in a gallery that is easily shared and readily available only makes sense.  In this day and age, casting directors and other hiring managers will search social media or at least look past that initial headshot to get a better sense of your versatility and capabilities.  Don't forget to think about a primary headshot and supporting ones which may also be perfect for some very specific roles.  Put yourself in the shoes of a casting director.  Would you want a few options so you have better assurance for who you are calling in?

Recognizing what casting directors are looking for, I shoot with lots of variety that are necessary across markets. When applicable, I like to shoot commercial, theatrical and a "general" purpose headshot for you.  I always welcome collaboration so you get exactly what you need.

Along those lines, there are some important guidelines Actor headshots follow (not rules) that I help by designing your shoot (with your input), coaching during your shoot, and processing the images you have selected from your proofs for which I will have provided you my recommendations as well as all the other proofs from the session.  Once selections are made, there are several considerations for retouching.    The objective here is to ensure the viewer's attention is drawn first to your eyes and expression.  Removing distractions are the objective and NOT transforming your persona with the magic of photoshop.  The composition, orientation, and other processing details make a difference.  

It's important to you as an Actor to have trust in your team.   I help facilitate that trust in that I don't ask for payment until after you have seen the proofs and in most cases the finished images.  I take on risk in doing this but it's worth it to me knowing you don't have to worry!  The trust is not blind and has to be earned.  In this way you will be able to relax and enjoy the process knowing it will lead to the results you need and expect.  

It's a fun investment in your passion.  I want to to earn your trust throughout the process.  As your photographer, you have had a chance to see examples of my work.  You can see I have a consistently clean crisp quality to my images.  When you look closely you'll begin to notice how I use lighting effectively whether it's studio or natural lighting.  Lighting is the life's blood of photography.   I use a natural editing style so my clients look great and NOT overly processed.  While settings and circumstances vary, the quality is consistent.


I also spend a significant amount of time staying current with actors' and casting directors' preferences and with trends among the leading actor headshot photographers in the major markets.  I do this to bring a higher level of expertise and value locally.  I'm inspired by the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals and those who help to make these possible.  In my spare time, I shoot BTS photography for local productions and have even worked on set as an extra for a major production.  These experiences give me a unique perspective for what actors need from their headshot photographer specifically and support team in general.

By now, you can also tell that I have a particular attention to detail, am thorough, and work towards a vision that benefits you.  I provide exceptional customer service through flexible scheduling, real time collaboration and display, quick turnaround for proofs that also allow for collaboration, and results that provide you a variety of solutions. If you are serious about your headshots, I hope you will contact me for a free consultation and to discuss options that will work best for you.  I offer a range of packages to best fit your needs.  As you can imagine, there is a range of available options, so check out the SERVICES, menu item on the left and give me a call, (801) 641-3495. 

Why choose Scott as your photographer?

-Headshots are my specialty, specifically for Actors.  Current on trends, needs, and styles. 

-Works with talent agencies, Casting Directors, Other Actors, and other Headshot photographers in other markets for continuous improvement.

-Quality portfolio that demonstrates a clean crisp photography style, adaptability, competence, and effective use of lighting.  Applies a  natural retouching style where each person looks great but not over processed

-Customer Centric with exceptional customer service.  Integrity, Satisfaction Guarantee, adapts sessions to clients needs (e.g. scheduling, length, real time display, # images delivered, variety, and pricing) 

-Results oriented with a proven process.  I have even submitted my own headshot for background roles and in a Steven Soderbergh project and Cabelas Commercial.  I'm not even an actor!

-Collaborative and fun (before, during, and after the shoot)--Efficiency where it counts (quick turnaround on proofs, easy payment options with easy delivery options.)

So, to move forward in working with me, send me a few day and time options you would like for your headshot session, and I'll respond to confirm the time that works best and other details to get the process rolling.


For Actors, Athletes, Models, and Entertainers, "publicity" photographs "that catch you in the act" can help supplement your headshot.  It can enhance your persona and may be used to generate buzz whether it's for fund raising for the charitable organizations that you champion, or for  creating posters for sale or autographing.  Portfolio shoots may be tailored to what your representation needs to promote you to prospective clients who may provide sponsorship opportunities. These shoots are always customized for your brand, your aspirations and tailored to your preferences so you are portrayed at your best.  Again, please contact me for a free consultation for either headshot, portfolio or publicity shots to determine options that will work best for you.

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