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Models, Athletes, and Entertainers have more latitude in what works well in an industry "headshot" as compared to an Actor's Headshot.  It should still be on brand but more creative license is allowed to best portray your features, character and range.  Like actors, Models are in the business of marketing their image and their brand.  So it's easy to see that your headshot makes the first impression saying a lot about you and your commitment to your craft.


For models, your headshot will be used for agencies or clients to determine if you will be the right fit for their promotional purposes.  A clean style works great. They want to see if you have the look they need to connect with their customers.  Gimmicks and over processing should be avoided.  It is beneficial when models can show a variety of "looks" and are consistent with the genres the model desires (i.e. fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle). Each genre has its own attributes.  In addition to a model's headshot(s), a clean set of current digitals are important to submit for a "casting / audition."  They want a good sense of exactly who is going to show up the day of the shoot in order to prevent costly mistakes.   I provide complimentary digitals when you book a session with me. I also provide discounted "refresh" shoots so it's easy to stay current.  

Eventually a high quality portfolio / book maybe necessary to attract the attention of more sophisticated clients and larger advertising campaigns.  However,  it should be understood that a model's portfolio should be more about them and less about the photographer exerting their creative capabilities which tends to have many creative effects.  Locally, I see the reverse is true where images are filtered and over processed which only hurts the models chances of getting great assignments.    


For athletes, your headshots may be used in press releases, marketing materials including social media, and for some of the nonprofits or charitable events you may support.  Having a great headshot for autographs or event for funding via silent auctions can really enhance the benefit you bring to an organization.  Perhaps most importantly, a well made headshot may be useful for attracting higher end sponsorships, particularly when coupled with a few promotional or publicity photographs that really help them see you in a light that aligns with their image. For entertainers the headshot enhances your image and helps with you with bookings.  Often they are  used with other marketing materials including social media   


An entertainer's headshot has perhaps the most flexibility of all in terms of finished look and style.  Whether, you are a musician, dancer, comedian your headshot makes their first impression.  So it's important that it portrays your branding and image just the way you need it too.  I like to spend an extra amount of time collaborating with you so we get just the right look.

Why choose me, there are so many photographers out there?-Headshots are my specialty, specifically for Actors but I apply best practices for Models, Athletes and Entertainers.  

-Stays current with trends, needs, and styles at the national level.

-Works with local talent agencies, for continuous improvement.

-Quality portfolio that demonstrates a clean crisp photography style, adaptability, competence, and effective use of lighting. Applies a  natural retouching style where each person looks great but not over processed,

-Customer Centric with exceptional customer service.  Integrity, Satisfaction Guarantee, Adapts sessions to clients needs (e.g. scheduling, length, real time display, # images delivered, variety, and pricing) 

-Results oriented with a proven process-Collaborative and fun (before, during, and after the shoot)

-Efficiency where it counts (quick turnaround on proofs, easy payment options, and easy delivery options)

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