Light House, Oregon, Abstract

With your professional headshot, I want to capture that precise moment that best conveys authenticity, approachability, and confidence.  (Please note, corporate headshot, executive headshot, business headshot, business portrait, and LinkedIn profile pic all fall into this category but tailored to your specific application.) Your colleagues and clients want to do business with those  they perceive as competent, interesting and easy to work with.  My objective is to help you win more business. Professional headshots are terrific for a variety of uses that include your company's annual report, website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media outlets for both professional and personal uses.  

I will help you be well prepared, and together we’ll make some amazing images. I work hard and plan effectively so your headshot session is a fun experience that delivers exceptional results.   I have developed a three step process for consistently exceptional results based on the headshot style that gives you a uniquely effective image.  I provide you tips ahead of time, plan the shoot with that end game in mind, and provide coaching during the shoot. After the shoot, I deliver  two proof galleries so you can see my recommendations and other options from the shoot.  So making the best selection is easy to do.

To ensure repeatable results you can count on, I have implemented a three step process that begins with Conceptual Design. This is where I will seek to better understand your expectations, your likes and dislikes. Collaboration is essential. Then we schedule the shoot. I will send you a detailed package and will be available for Q&A so we are fully prepared.

The Image Capture/session is the step in the process where I aim to capture your perfect expression with the perfect conditions in the best light.  "Perfect" is simply the real you. All of these factors must be aligned for your image to make the most impact. Frankly, this step is the most fun and why I love my job.  I do all that I can so you will have a blast during this step in the process.

Post Production is the final step in the process. This is where you get proofs and make selections.  I do any desired retouching and deliver the final photos.  I also provide several options and extras based on your needs. I will keep your photos available on my website, so if sometime down the road you would like to share or purchase more, you can do this when it’s most convenient.

When not shooting in studio, I shoot on location and offer office shoots with discounted group rates.  I'm always available for a free consultation.  Contact me at your convenience.

Why choose Surf and Snow Country Images, there are so many photographers who claim to do headshots?

-Headshots are my specialty.  I enjoy the interaction and all that's involved to achieve an excellent result. (I apply best of breed from Actor Headshot practices ("where headshots originated as a thing") and a management consulting background, informs a tailored on brand perspective

-Quality portfolio that demonstrates a clean crisp photography style, adaptability, competence, and effective use of lighting. Applies a natural retouching style where each person looks great but not over processed

-Customer Centric with exceptional customer service.  Integrity. Satisfaction Guarantee, Adapts sessions to clients needs (e.g. scheduling, length, real time display, # images delivered, variety, and pricing) 

-Results oriented with a proven process

-Collaborative (before, during, and after the shoot)

-Efficiency where it counts (quick turnaround on proofs, easy payment options, easy delivery options)

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