ScottHallenbergPhotography 20170522 d4c1- Event SSH_0089_n0622

To save an image for your personal use, select the image  you would like and "right click" it.  Choose as many as you would like.  These images are sized for social media use and would look good for prints up to 5x7s, too.  If you have any special requests you can contact me with the information in the upper left hand corner of the site.  You may refer to an image using the last for digits of the file name (e.g., n1234).

When using social media I always love a tag.  For Facebook, "Scott Hallenberg" works and for Instagram " @scotthallenbergphotographer " works great.  I hope you love these images...I had a blast meeting all of you and appreciate you letting me spend the day hanging out.

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